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posted Apr 28, 2014, 7:42 AM by Board Directors

Sent to mailing list members on 3/23/14:

Tuckaweye Residents:


The Tuckaweye Homeowners Association (THA) has been operating with a skeleton volunteer board for several years.  We need new volunteers now to fill out the THA Board.


The THA Board officially has four positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-large.   The positions are supposed to be elected, but the current two active members are volunteers.


The time commitment to being a THA board member is minimal; and typically involves responding to inquiries from residents regarding property improvements, coordinating projects (like mailbox repair, landscaping, clean-up/dumpster day, etc.) addressing occasional concerns, and maintaining records and minor bookkeeping.   Most board activity happens during the annual dues cycle each spring.  Meetings are infrequent and conducted only as needed.


Please review the FAQs below, and contact me at, or 763-229-6151 if you would have questions or would like to volunteer.   





1. Who are the current board members?

Scott Reid, Treasurer and Scott Pfankuch, President


2. What is legal status of the THA?

THA is a legal corporation in the state of Minnesota.  It was formed when the development was built by Rottlund Homes (now defunct) starting in 1996.  THA holds the title for property within the development that is not titled to individual homeowners (i.e., Outlots).


3. Who are the members of THA?

The association members are owners (not necessarily the occupants) of the 106 homes in the development.


4. What does THA spend money on?

Primarily insurance, mailbox maintenance, outlot maintenance, postage, and occasional legal expenses.


5. Where does THA get money from?

Annual dues, currently $85 per year for each home.


6. What happens when a member does not pay dues?

If a member is sufficiently delinquent, we engage a real estate attorney to begin collections.  This may ultimately result in a property lien, which has only happened once.


7. Are board members paid/compensated?

No, the bylaws require board members to be volunteer.   This could be changed only by changing the bylaws with a vote.   All current board members pay annual dues.


8. What if no one steps up to volunteer?  

I will likely pursue outsourcing management duties to a third party, which will require us to increase dues significantly, with little benefit  to homeowners.


9. What rules exist for THA members and the board?

The current bylaws can be found on our website,   Click on "Association Governing Documents" on the menu on the left.

The bylaws are a legal document and include provisions for protecting the value of homeowners' property by preventing homeowners from doing certain things with their property, and requiring THA approval for property improvements.


10. Can the bylaws be changed?

Yes - a process for this is spelled out in the bylaws.


11. Does THA pay taxes?

We are required to file an annual tax returns, but we do not pay any taxes.