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June 4, 2019 All Member Meeting Mailbox Questions Answered

posted Jun 7, 2019, 11:57 AM by Board Directors

1) What font styles are available to choose from? When can we begin looking at the vinyl numbers styles? Can extra vinyl numbers be supplied for future use (fading etc)?

Answer:  Spartan Inc will source a sign vendor near Plymouth/Maple Grove Area for review. The vendor will retain our information for future orders.  Extra numbers will have to be reprinted as needed so having extras on hand is not practical.

2) Does Spartan provide maintenance service work in the future for the mailboxes?

Answer: Spartan will be available for future maintenance work as requested.  Work orders will only be billed outside of the 3 year workmanship and materials warranty.

3) The current design proved difficult to maintain with cedar stain between the mailboxes.  Rusted screws also could not be replaced.  Do you have any design ideas that could address these issues?

Answer: Stainless steel screws will be used to minimize replacement as an issue.  Mailboxes will be arranged to have them wide enough to brush/stain between.