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THA Dumpster Project Update

posted Jun 29, 2016, 10:59 AM by Board Directors
Tuckaweye Residents - in past years, the association has paid for a commercial garbage hauler to leave large rolloff dumpsters in the three cul-de-sac areas over a long weekend, for residents to use for disposing unwanted household items.

We planned to to the same this year, but this year, the City has expressly told us we can not do this, and the haulers will not do this.   Dumpsters need to be located on private property.

That said, we'd like to gauge interest to see if there are any volunteers who would consider hosting a rolloff dumpster (around 20' long by 8' wide) in their driveway for a few days.  We would put rules in place saying that items could only be left in the dumpster during certain hours, but the dumpsters would need access from all four sides (or 3 sides if against a garage) to be useful.   We'd also consider reimbursing the host a small amount (possibly one year's dues?)  for the use of their driveway.    We're open to suggestions, this was a popular event in past years and residents have been asking about it this year.   If you'd consider volunteering, have any questions, or have other suggestions, please email