2018 HOA Meeting - Board Elections

Tuckaweye Homeowners Association will have an all-homeowners meeting on September 23rd at 7:00 PM
at the Community Room in Lunds&Byerlys-Plymouth (3455 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth)

The primary purpose of this meeting will be to elect a new board.   The current board (Scott Pfankuch, Scott Reid, Carl Brandt) have been
serving on a volunteer basis for much longer than the normal term of 2 years, and would like to transition away from the board to make room for new members.

There are four distinct positions on the board, although in practice, currently, all members share in various duties.
The four positions are:  President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-large.

Some tasks that board members perform on an ongoing basis currently include:
 - Plan special projects, e.g., landscaping maintenance, mailbox maintenance.   Select and hire vendors.
 - Respond to questions and concerns from homeowners, usually by email.
 - Maintain financial records.   Spreadsheet experience is required for this task.
 - Manage bank and paypal accounts.
 - Prepare annual dues mailings and collect annual dues.
 - Inform homeowners when they need to make adjustments in order to comply with association rules/bylaws.
 - File annual tax returns (these are typically two one-page returns with all zeros - very easy to complete).
 - Provide "dues current" information to title companies when a house is being sold (all via email).
 - Check PO box regularly (usually monthly, more frequently after dues invoices are sent). 
 - Maintain communication with homeowners (this website, email-mailchimp, paper flyers).
 - Ensure association funds are spent in a responsible and accountable manner which benefits all homeowners equally.
 - Prepare a one-page financial summary every year. (see "Financial Information" on left menu.)
 - Consult with outside counsel if/when needed.
 - Other actions as necessary to maintain the quality of our neighborhood and help maintain property values.
The current board members will all be available to help with transitioning these tasks.

Since this is a small association with very little common property, the time commitment is small.   We estimate about 10 hours per year per member.

Nominations may be done in person at the meeting, or ahead of time.   Nominating yourself is typical.   If you wish to nominate yourself for a position, send an email to board@tuckaweye.com and we can post a little bit of information about you here.  
At this time, unless there is significant interest, we won't vote or nominate by position - we'll just elect four people to the board and they can divide up the responsibilties as they see fit.
Elections will be done at the meeting.   Absentee votes may be emailed any time ahead of the meeting to board@tuckaweye.com.  
For purposes of the election, each homeowner (106 total) will have one vote for each of the 4 positions.   I.e., each hosehold will vote for 4 people.   Renters may not vote on behalf of a homeowner.

Serving on the board is a volunteer position and an opportunity to serve your neighbors.   Per the bylaws, board members pay the same annual does as other homeowners.   You must be dues current to be on the ballot for election. Board members are reimbursed for all legitimate out-of-pocket expenses.

(email board@tuckaweye.com to be listed here.   Name, address, and a sentence or two about yourself).